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World War I

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Top 135 best Steam games of all time tagged with World War I, according to gamer reviews.

Rank, title, date, tags, platforms and price Score Rating
93% 8,382 votes
91% 1,460 votes
90% 1,871 votes
86% 9,098 votes
82% 10,573 votes
82% 109 votes
77% 1,170 votes
86% 21 votes
100% 4 votes
74% 237 votes
68% 1,505 votes
65% 7,278 votes
65% 26 votes
53% 32 votes

Correlated tags

Correlation is how often another tag appears together with this tag. If one in every five games tagged with World War I is also tagged with a correlated tag, the correlated tag has 20% correlation. 100% correlation means the pair of tags always appear together.

Tags most frequently applied to the same games as World War I, with at least 15% correlation.

  1. War 53%
  2. Strategy 51%
  3. Historical 50%
  4. Action 48%
  5. Singleplayer 45%
  6. Military 39%
  7. Wargame 36%
  8. Simulation 35%
  9. Indie 33%
  10. Shooter 28%
  11. World War II 26%
  12. Multiplayer 24%
  13. 3D 23%
  14. Casual 22%
  15. Adventure 21%
  16. 2D 21%
  17. Atmospheric 21%
  18. First-Person 20%
  19. Alternate History 19%
  20. Tactical 17%
  21. FPS 17%
  22. Grand Strategy 16%
  23. Realistic 16%

The World War I tag refers to games that are set during or inspired by the events of the First World War, which took place between 1914 and 1918. These games typically involve historical accuracy, recreating the atmosphere, weapons, tactics, and major battles of this significant conflict.

Games with the World War I tag often offer players a chance to experience different aspects of the war. Some focus on combat and warfare, allowing players to take part in intense battles as soldiers from various nations involved in the war.

Others emphasize strategy and management elements, where players make decisions about resources, diplomacy, troop movements, and research as they lead nations through this tumultuous period. These strategy-based games can simulate entire campaigns or allow players to control specific units or armies in realistic scenarios.

In addition to combat-focused gameplay and strategic elements, World War I games may also explore other aspects of the war such as trench warfare conditions, technological advancements during that time (such as tanks or aircraft), espionage activities behind enemy lines, or even personal stories centered around characters affected by the war.

Famous examples of games with a World War I setting include:

  • Battlefield 1 Developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts (EA), this first-person shooter offers large-scale multiplayer battles set in iconic locations from WWI. It aims to recreate authentic experiences while highlighting lesser-known stories.
  • Valiant Hearts: The Great War This puzzle-adventure game developed by Ubisoft Montpellier focuses on emotional storytelling as players navigate through various characters' lives during WWI. It sheds light on personal struggles amid battlefields.
  • Total War Saga: Troy While not exclusively set in WWI, this strategy game delves into the historical period of the Trojan War, providing players with an opportunity to experience warfare from an earlier era.

World War I games offer players a chance to immerse themselves in the history and challenges of this significant event. They provide an interactive medium for learning, exploration, and a deeper understanding of the sacrifices made during this global conflict.

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