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Real-Time with Pause

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Top 150 best Steam games of all time tagged with Real-Time with Pause, according to gamer reviews.

Title, date, platforms and price Score Rating
94% 9,557 votes
95% 6,801 votes
88% 160,744 votes
93% 833 votes
87% 12,057 votes
89% 1,414 votes
81% 12,923 votes
89% 19 votes
72% 2,424 votes
100% 3 votes
75% 60 votes

Correlated tags

Correlation is how often another tag appears together with this tag. If one in every five games tagged with Real-Time with Pause is also tagged with a correlated tag, the correlated tag has 20% correlation. 100% correlation means the pair of tags always appear together.

Tags most frequently applied to the same games as Real-Time with Pause, with at least 15% correlation.

  1. Singleplayer 83%
  2. Strategy 82%
  3. Simulation 55%
  4. Indie 52%
  5. RTS 33%
  6. Tactical 29%
  7. Management 28%
  8. Sci-fi 28%
  9. Sandbox 27%
  10. Action 27%
  11. RPG 26%
  12. Resource Management 23%
  13. 2D 23%
  14. Real Time Tactics 21%
  15. Space 21%
  16. Grand Strategy 21%
  17. Atmospheric 21%
  18. Building 20%
  19. Adventure 19%
  20. Multiplayer 19%
  21. Economy 18%
  22. Story Rich 18%
  23. Fantasy 18%
  24. War 17%
  25. Historical 17%
  26. Base Building 17%
  27. Replay Value 16%
  28. Casual 16%
  29. Real-Time 16%
  30. Top-Down 15%

The Real-Time with Pause tag describes a specific gameplay mechanic commonly found in strategy or simulation games. Unlike traditional real-time games, where the action unfolds continuously and players must make decisions on the fly, real-time with pause games allow players to pause the game at any time and issue commands or make strategic decisions while time is frozen.

This mechanic gives players the ability to carefully plan their actions, assess the current situation, and strategize without feeling rushed by real-time constraints. Pausing the game provides a moment of reprieve to analyze complex scenarios, adjust tactics, and give orders to units or characters under their control.

Games with real-time with pause mechanics often include features such as:

  • Pause Functionality The ability to pause the game instantly at any moment allows players to take a breather or study intricate details without external interruptions.
  • Command Issuing While paused, players can issue commands such as movement orders for units, engage in combat actions, set up strategies like formations or attack sequences.
  • Tactical Planning Analysis of enemy positions, evaluating risks versus rewards for different approaches before implementing them in action are facilitated due to pausing functionality.
  • Fine-tuning Actions Players have ample time when paused for micromanagement of actions like adjusting unit formations precisely or individually commanding characters.
  • Analyzing Game State Pausing enables meticulous inspection of resources utilization, character statistics/abilities management strategize expansions and optimize decision-making processes.

Famous examples of the Real-Time with Pause genre include:

  • Baldur's Gate series These Dungeons & Dragons-inspired role-playing games allow players to pause the action at any time, issue commands to their party members, and plan intricate combat strategies.
  • XCOM series This sci-fi turn-based strategy game merges real-time exploration with turn-based tactical combat. Players can pause during the real-time sections to give orders and set up strategies for their units.
  • Pillars of Eternity A modern take on classic isometric RPGs, this game features a real-time with pause system that allows players to carefully strategize and coordinate actions of their party members.

The Real-Time with Pause mechanic strikes a balance between keeping the action flowing in real time and granting players necessary breathing room for careful decision-making. It appeals to those who enjoy strategic planning, tactical control, and engaging in immersive gameplay experiences without feeling overwhelmed by constant time pressure.

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