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Top 150 best Steam games of all time tagged with Western, according to gamer reviews.

Rank, title, date, tags, platforms and price Score Rating
98% 9,136 votes
91% 3,345 votes
89% 616 votes
89% 466 votes
87% 775 votes
91% 201 votes
85% 3,314 votes
85% 647 votes
89% 44 votes
100% 8 votes
93% 15 votes
92% 13 votes
92% 12 votes
100% 5 votes
79% 89 votes
83% 18 votes

Correlated tags

Correlation is how often another tag appears together with this tag. If one in every five games tagged with Western is also tagged with a correlated tag, the correlated tag has 20% correlation. 100% correlation means the pair of tags always appear together.

Tags most frequently applied to the same games as Western, with at least 15% correlation.

  1. Action 65%
  2. Singleplayer 52%
  3. Indie 49%
  4. Adventure 44%
  5. Shooter 34%
  6. Casual 33%
  7. 2D 25%
  8. 3D 24%
  9. Atmospheric 21%
  10. Strategy 20%
  11. RPG 20%
  12. Arcade 19%
  13. First-Person 18%
  14. Simulation 18%
  15. Pixel Graphics 18%
  16. FPS 17%
  17. Exploration 15%

The Western tag refers to a genre of games that are set in the Wild West, a historical period and geographical location that is commonly associated with cowboys, outlaws, and the expansion of western civilization in North America. Games with the "Western" tag often embody the atmosphere, themes, and tropes typically found in Western movies and literature.

The Western genre typically showcases elements such as:

  • Setting The games take place in landscapes reminiscent of the American Old West. Expect vast deserts, canyons, frontier towns, and rugged wilderness. Iconic locations like saloons, ranches, train stations, gold mines may also be featured.
  • Characters Cowboys or gunslingers are central characters within Western-themed games. These may include lawmen seeking justice or bounty hunters chasing down wanted outlaws. Native American tribes or other groups can also play roles within these stories.
  • Storytelling & Themes Western tales often revolve around themes of lawlessness vs. order, individualism vs. community, honor codes vs. moral ambiguity. They tend to narrate stories concerning revenge, frontier life challenges (like survival), conflicts between settlers/ranchers and Native Americans/open range, or exploring different cultures' clashes during that time period.
    • Some well-known examples of Western-themed games include:
      • Red Dead Redemption 2: This open-world action-adventure game by Rockstar Games immerses players into an expansive Wild West setting at the turn of the 20th century where they assume the role of outlaw Arthur Morgan
      • Call of Juarez: This first-person shooter franchise developed by Techland is set in the Wild West era, letting players experience gunfights and bounty hunter narratives in historical locations.
      • West of Loathing: A humorous role-playing game (RPG) with a stick-figure art style that blends traditional Western themes with humor and absurdity. Players embark on a comedic journey through the Weird West as they solve puzzles, engage in duels, and encounter bizarre characters.

Western games provide players with an opportunity to delve into a romanticized version of the American frontier during the Wild West era. With their distinct settings, iconic characters, and compelling narratives, these games offer an immersive experience that captures the spirit of the Old West.

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