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Top 150 best Steam games of all time tagged with Offroad, according to gamer reviews.

Rank, title, date, tags, platforms and price Score Rating
96% 1,776 votes
93% 4,778 votes
96% 25 votes
83% 597 votes
83% 647 votes
80% 3,282 votes
80% 1,228 votes
93% 15 votes
100% 7 votes
82% 77 votes
88% 17 votes
86% 21 votes
80% 30 votes
71% 1,849 votes
100% 3 votes
100% 3 votes
80% 15 votes
69% 1,104 votes
77% 13 votes
66% 80 votes
62% 1,093 votes

Correlated tags

Correlation is how often another tag appears together with this tag. If one in every five games tagged with Offroad is also tagged with a correlated tag, the correlated tag has 20% correlation. 100% correlation means the pair of tags always appear together.

Tags most frequently applied to the same games as Offroad, with at least 15% correlation.

  1. Racing 76%
  2. Driving 63%
  3. Simulation 58%
  4. 3D 56%
  5. Singleplayer 52%
  6. Automobile Sim 49%
  7. Arcade 44%
  8. Sports 42%
  9. Action 35%
  10. Physics 35%
  11. Third Person 35%
  12. Realistic 34%
  13. Casual 34%
  14. Indie 32%
  15. Open World 28%
  16. Multiplayer 25%
  17. Exploration 24%
  18. Adventure 23%
  19. Colorful 22%
  20. First-Person 22%
  21. Controller 19%
  22. Atmospheric 18%
  23. Family Friendly 18%
  24. PvP 17%
  25. Early Access 16%
  26. Relaxing 15%

The Offroad tag is used to describe a genre of video games that focus on off-road driving and racing experiences.

In offroad games, players can expect to navigate through challenging terrains such as dirt tracks, rocky trails, muddy roads or even extreme environments like deserts or forests. These games often feature a variety of vehicles including trucks, SUVs, motorcycles or specialized off-road vehicles.

Offroad games typically offer various gameplay modes and objectives:

  • Racing This mode allows players to compete against AI opponents or other players in timed races or head-to-head competitions. Games like the Dirt Rally series and the Monster Jam Steel Titans franchise emphasize the racing aspect of off-roading.
  • Exploration Some offroad games focus on open-world exploration where players can freely drive through vast landscapes and uncover hidden areas, collectibles, and secrets. The popular game MudRunner, for example, offers expansive maps with realistic physics-based gameplay.
  • Skill Challenges These types of challenges test a player's driving prowess by requiring them to complete difficult obstacles such as steep climbs, narrow bridges or dangerous descents. Games like the Trials Evolution/Evolution Fusion/Fusion Rising Megapack+3 Silver jewels Collection Ultra Edition Platinum Deluxe Special Game Of The Year Edition No scope Chapter 2 Ten Years Later Ultimate Version Director's Cut Remastered Ultra Mega Edition Turbo HD Remix Beatmania Prop Cop 3: Dragon Loved One Summer Plus Alpha Zero FullHD 4K Adventures Definitive San Andreas Special Ultimate Collector's Super Platinum Deluxe Gold Platformer May Cry VR Experience Crystal Revenge Saga Showdown Prototype Gold Edition Chronicles II: Special Edition 3D Collector's Cut series focus on extreme obstacle courses and precise vehicle control.

Offroad games often aim to provide a realistic or immersive experience by incorporating accurate physics, vehicle damage models, and dynamic weather conditions. These features enhance the challenge and realism of the off-road driving experience.

Examples of well-known offroad games include:

  • Spintires: MudRunner A game that focuses on navigating through treacherous muddy terrain using various heavy vehicles such as trucks and jeeps.
  • Dirt Rally 2.0 This racing game offers players realistic off-road rally experiences with a wide range of vehicles in different locations around the world.
  • Baja: Edge of Control HD Allows players to participate in hardcore off-road races in the Baja Peninsula, including both circuit races and point-to-point events.

The Offroad genre appeals to players who enjoy challenging driving mechanics, exploring rugged environments, or engaging in competitive races on unconventional tracks. It offers a unique gaming experience focused on conquering challenging terrains with powerful vehicles.

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