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Category Tier-2 Genre

Top 47 best Steam games of all time tagged with Hockey, according to gamer reviews.

Title, date, platforms and price Score Rating
89% 9 votes
100% 3 votes
83% 6 votes
67% 258 votes
80% 5 votes
65% 23 votes
67% 3 votes
57% 7 votes
20% 10 votes

Correlated tags

Correlation is how often another tag appears together with this tag. If one in every five games tagged with Hockey is also tagged with a correlated tag, the correlated tag has 20% correlation. 100% correlation means the pair of tags always appear together.

Tags most frequently applied to the same games as Hockey, with at least 15% correlation.

  1. Sports 88%
  2. Arcade 55%
  3. Action 39%
  4. Singleplayer 39%
  5. PvP 37%
  6. 2D 33%
  7. Simulation 31%
  8. Casual 31%
  9. 3D 29%
  10. Multiplayer 24%
  11. Physics 24%
  12. Top-Down 22%
  13. Indie 22%
  14. Controller 20%
  15. Colorful 20%
  16. Retro 18%
  17. Management 18%
  18. Stylized 16%
  19. VR 16%
  20. Local Multiplayer 16%

The Hockey tag refers to games that revolve around the sport of ice hockey. These games typically simulate the experience of playing hockey, allowing players to control teams or individual players in various game modes and competitions.

In hockey games, players can typically expect:

  • Realistic Gameplay Hockey games strive to replicate the rules, strategies, and mechanics of ice hockey, providing an authentic experience for fans of the sport. This includes features such as skating controls, stickhandling, shooting mechanics, goaltending techniques, and management aspects in certain titles.
  • Team Management Some hockey games allow players to take on the role of a manager or coach as they make strategic decisions relating to lineups, trades, signings, and other aspects off-ice. This adds depth and a managerial element to the gameplay experience.
  • Multiplayer Modes Many hockey games include multiplayer modes that enable players to compete against friends or other online opponents in local or online multiplayer matches. These modes often allow for both solo play and cooperative play where multiple users can join forces on one team.

Sports game franchises like EA Sports' NHL series, which releases new editions annually, provide fans with realistic representations of this popular sport. These games offer high-quality graphics, accurate physics-based gameplay mechanics that simulate ice skating dynamics, stick handling skills, and strategic decision-making both on-ice during matches and off-ice during managerial aspects.

Hockey games are a popular choice for fans of the sport who want to experience playing as their favorite teams or athletes. They provide an avenue for players to immerse themselves in the fast-paced, strategic, and physical nature of ice hockey, allowing them to compete against others or embark on single-player campaigns.

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