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Category Tier-2 Genre

Top 66 best Steam games of all time tagged with Skateboarding, according to gamer reviews.

Rank, title, date, tags, platforms and price Score Rating
96% 654 votes
93% 1,391 votes
88% 110 votes
92% 39 votes
95% 19 votes
73% 45 votes
83% 6 votes
63% 104 votes
50% 4 votes
41% 17 votes

Correlated tags

Correlation is how often another tag appears together with this tag. If one in every five games tagged with Skateboarding is also tagged with a correlated tag, the correlated tag has 20% correlation. 100% correlation means the pair of tags always appear together.

Tags most frequently applied to the same games as Skateboarding, with at least 15% correlation.

  1. Sports 65%
  2. Action 63%
  3. Singleplayer 53%
  4. Arcade 49%
  5. Indie 44%
  6. Simulation 43%
  7. Casual 38%
  8. 3D 38%
  9. Skating 34%
  10. Colorful 31%
  11. Physics 29%
  12. Racing 29%
  13. Third Person 29%
  14. Controller 28%
  15. Character Customization 24%
  16. 2D 22%
  17. Adventure 22%
  18. Early Access 21%
  19. Platformer 21%
  20. Stylized 21%
  21. Relaxing 19%
  22. Difficult 19%
  23. Funny 18%
  24. Action-Adventure 18%
  25. Family Friendly 16%
  26. Exploration 16%
  27. Snowboarding 16%
  28. Open World 16%

The Skateboarding tag refers to a genre of video games that focus on the sport of skateboarding. These games aim to simulate the experience of skateboarding by allowing players to control a character who performs tricks and maneuvers on a skateboard.

In skateboarding games, players typically navigate through various environments, such as urban streets, skate parks, or custom-built levels, in order to complete objectives or challenges. The main gameplay revolves around performing different tricks and stunts using a combination of button inputs and analog stick movements.

Skateboarding games often emphasize realism in terms of physics and mechanics. They strive to capture the intricacies and nuances of real-world skateboarding movements, making it important for players to master timing, balance, and coordination. Additionally, these games frequently feature licensed soundtracks with music genres closely associated with skating culture.

Some popular examples of skateboard games include:

  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series Developed by Neversoft/Robomodo; this long-running franchise is widely regarded as one of the most influential in the genre. It offers a mix of open-world exploration and timed objective-based gameplay coupled with an expansive trick system.
  • Skate series Developed by EA Black Box/Criterion Games; this series focuses on more realistic controls with an emphasis on using analog sticks for executing tricks accurately. It prioritizes capturing the feeling of authenticity in both physics-based gameplay mechanics and realistic urban environments.
  • OlliOlli Developed by Roll7; this indie game adds its unique spin on side-scrolling skateboarding action with fast-paced 2D gameplay featuring precise timing for jumps/grinds while chaining combos together.

Note that various other video game titles may include skateboarding elements, but the Skateboarding tag specifically refers to games centered around the sport itself. Skateboarding games provide players with a virtual avenue for expressing themselves creatively through skateboarding, whether they are performing tricks in a virtual representation of their favorite skate spots or competing against friends in multiplayer modes.

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