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The Sunny Day 晴天

Developed by
  1. 殇葵(K.)
Published by
  1. Ningbing Games
Current #5494

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In the story, the player plays the KUI, a 14-year-old girl with mental illness, who falls into her own spiritual world for an unknown reason during a daily activity. Players must pass through puzzles and various strange characters to communicate. The player's attitude toward various items in the game will affect the outcome of the game.

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First review
Age on Steam
1,084 days (2.9 years)


Reviews of which
Verified Steam purchases
47 43 (91%)
Reviews per day
Positive reviews
45 (95.7%)
Days in top 1000
0 (0%)
Estimated owners Based on research by GameDiscoverCo median
1K–3K 2,236


Release price
$1.19 ($1.99 -40%)
Lowest price (earliest)
$0.99 (2019-06-25)
Average price
Average discount
Number of discounts
Days discounted
134 (12.4%)
Estimated gross sales Based on research by GameDiscoverCo median
$2K–$5K $3,374
Estimated net sales Based on research by GameDiscoverCo median
$974–$3K $1,948


Tags in descending order of votes. Votes are the number of times a tag has been applied to this game by a Steam user, shown next to each tag name.

  1. Indie 23
  2. Adventure 22
  3. RPGMaker 13
  4. Female Protagonist 13
Details last updated: June 21, 2021 04:32

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