Undead Development

Developed by
  1. Masterstrike
  2. LadrikDev
Published by
  1. Masterstrike
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How long would you survive in this unrealistic representation of the zombie apocalypse? Scavenge for supplies, find a base, and construct your defenses. Break down furniture and board up your home. Set bear traps, nail your axe to a gun, or find your own ways to fight off the undead. VR required.

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First review
Age on Steam
1,184 days (3.2 years)


Reviews of which
Verified Steam purchases
243 235 (97%)
Reviews per day
Positive reviews
191 (78.6%)
Days in top 1000
0 (0%)
Estimated owners Based on research by GameDiscoverCo median
8K–23K 15,510


Release price
$17.99 (2021-01-13)
Lowest price (earliest)
$7.19 (2018-12-20)
Average price
Average discount
Number of discounts
Days discounted
157 (13.3%)
Estimated gross sales Based on research by GameDiscoverCo median
$104K–$313K $208,789
Estimated net sales Based on research by GameDiscoverCo median
$60K–$181K $120,576


Tags in descending order of votes. Votes are the number of times a tag has been applied to this game by a Steam user, shown next to each tag name.

  1. Indie 35
  2. VR 28
  3. Open World Survival Craft 26
  4. Zombies 25
  5. Base Building 24
  6. Simulation 22
  7. Crafting 20
  8. Survival 20
  9. Building 19
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