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Soldat is a unique 2D (side-view) multiplayer action game. It has been influenced by the best of games such as Liero, Worms, Quake, and Counter-Strike and provides a fast-paced gaming experience with tons of blood and flesh.

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413 days (1.1 years)


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1,448 0 (0%)
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1,383 (95.5%)
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318 (76%)
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109K–181K 144,800


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  1. Free to Play 173
  2. Action 160
  3. Indie 157
  4. Multiplayer 61
  5. Shooter 52
  6. 2D 43
  1. Gore 31
  2. Violent 30
  3. Co-op 6

Tags below the threshold do not have enough votes to be considered valid for this game yet.

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