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《古剑奇谭二:永夜初晗凝碧天》(《古剑奇谭二》)是由网元圣唐旗下上海烛龙自主研发的大型3D仙侠类单机角色扮演游戏,为古剑系列第二代作品, 已于2013年8月18日发售。 《古剑奇谭二》挑战国产单机传统,采用即时制战斗模式及电影化表现手法,更进行种种突破创新,创造了国产单机游戏新高度。


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2013-08-18 (10 years ago)
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2017-09-07 (6 years ago)
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2,416 days (6.6 years)


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2,675 2,465 (92%)
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2,076 77.6%
599 22.4%
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1 reviews per day
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0 (0%)
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$0.00 (2013-08-18)
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$1.59 (2021-02-09)
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469 (19.4%)
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T2 T3
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T2 T3


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  1. RPG 68
  2. Story Rich 23
  3. Singleplayer 12
  1. Great Soundtrack 5
  2. Martial Arts 5

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Details last updated: April 18, 2024 03:11

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