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This is a heavily extended version of one of the most famous roguelike games of the 80’s named LARN. Your choice is to find a magic elixier for your daughters recovery. Therefore you have to explore a lot of unknown caves, filled with monsters, demons and traps. Good luck! You may need it!


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2015-05-25 (8 years ago)
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2015-05-25 (8 years ago)
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3,256 days (8.9 years)


Total reviews verified
40 29 (73%)
Review breakdown
28 70%
12 30%
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0 reviews per day
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0 (0%)
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$4.49 ($4.99 -10%)
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$0.99 (2022-12-23)
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421 (12.9%)
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  1. Traditional Roguelike 111
  2. Roguelike 72
  3. Indie 24
  4. RPG 23
  1. Procedural Generation 15
  2. Perma Death 15
  3. Dungeon Crawler 14
  4. Turn-Based 12
  5. Classic 11
  6. Difficult 10

Tags below the threshold do not have enough votes to be considered valid for this game yet.

Details last updated: April 22, 2024 03:33

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