Pajama Sam's Sock Works

Developed by
  1. Humongous Entertainment
Published by
  1. Humongous Entertainment
  2. Nightdive Studios
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Climb in and help Pajama Sam control the Sock-O-Matic Mark III, the sock-sorting dream machine the makes chores fun!

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2,466 days (6.7 years)


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42 21 (50%)
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Positive reviews
39 (92.9%)
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0 (0%)
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840–3K 1,680


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$0.00 (1999-01-01)
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$0.99 (2016-04-29)
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408 (16.5%)
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$3K–$9K $5,853
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$2K–$5K $3,380


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  1. Casual 59
  2. Family Friendly 31
  1. Puzzle 8
  2. Adventure 7

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