Goose Goose Duck

Developed by
  1. Gaggle Studios, Inc.
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  1. Gaggle Studios, Inc.
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Goose, goose, DUCK? You and your crew on the SS Mother Goose must work together to keep your ship in tip-top shape during your long interplanetary quest. Keep an eye out for those malicious Mallards, who are out to get you and your team.

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8 days


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131 (85.6%)
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11K–19K 15,300


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  1. Casual 111
  2. 2D 81
  3. Survival 74
  4. Conversation 70
  5. Multiplayer 68
  6. Online Co-Op 55
  7. Funny 32
  8. Space 30
  9. PvP 28
  10. Free to Play 28
  11. Character Customization 26
  12. Co-op 24
  1. Early Access 23
  2. Strategy 22
  3. Indie 22

Tags below the threshold do not have enough votes to be considered valid for this game yet.

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