Path Of Wuxia

Developed by
  1. Heluo Studio
Published by
  1. 香港商河洛互動娛樂股份有限公司
Early Access
Peak #406
Current #1352
Top 1K 65%

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Path of Wuxia combines classic wuxia world and youthful school life with anime art style, features simulation gameplay well known by Heluo fans. Play as a young Xia who join the academy known as the Hermitic Pavilions of Xia, grow strong along with various schoolmates and seek your own path of Xia.

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305 days


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Verified Steam purchases
21,134 19,890 (94%)
Reviews per day
Positive reviews
18,960 (89.7%)
Days in top 1000
201 (65%)
Estimated owners Based on research by GameDiscoverCo median
398K–1M 795,600


Release price
$13.49 ($14.99 -10%)
Lowest price (earliest)
$13.49 (2020-04-30)
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7 (2.3%)
Estimated gross sales Based on research by GameDiscoverCo median
$5M–$15M $9,685,555
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$3M–$8M $5,593,408


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  1. RPG 142
  2. Indie 114
  3. Martial Arts 54
  4. Turn-Based 46
  5. Early Access 38
  6. Anime 13
  7. Female Protagonist 6
  8. Time Management 6

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